Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Dressers!

When Chris and I first moved to New York, we furnished our apartment in one of three ways: Ikea, Craigslist, and the street...yes, one of our dressers came from the curb of Fuller Street. So 4 years later, we decided it was time to purchase real dressers.

I found these great dressers at an antique store on 5th Ave in Brooklyn and after months of contemplating, I decided to get them and paint them. It was quite an ordeal as we basically had to move everything out of our bedroom in order to paint, but it all worked out and they look pretty good.

The only bad thing is that they old people. I tried putting baking soda in each drawer, but that really didn't work, so I went to Lush and got a bunch of bath bombs. Now all of our clothes smell like fruitloops, but I guess that's better than the alternative!





Rebecca said...

They look awesome!!!! (Even if they do smell like old people.)

Rebekah said...

They look great!! I can't imagine what an ordeal that must have been - so fun though!

Emily @ LaForce Be With You said...

Nicely done!! I am surprised they smelled like old people still after priming and painting but fruitloops smells better for sure! Maybe some Murphy's Oil Soap will help as I have heard that can remove smells pretty well.