Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The "Nursery"

One question that we've been asked over and over again (especially by those that have visited our apartment) is where are we going to put the baby. It's a legitimate question. Where do you find room for  a baby and all of the stuff that entails in a 650 square foot NYC apartment? Our answer: in the corner...of the kitchen.

There is an area of our apartment directly adjacent to the kitchen that we previously used as an office space. The space was separated from the kitchen with an old entertainment center that my parents bought when they first got married. The entertainment center was in our playroom growing up and I used it in my apartment in Clemson. When we moved to NYC, I tried to give it back and my parents wouldn't take it back. So it was the only piece of furniture other than our mattress that we moved up to Brooklyn. And now it's a part of Felix's nursery!

I don't have a good before picture, but basically the space contained the entertainment center as a room divider and then two desks. We had to sell Chris's desk and we moved my desk into the bedroom.

Once we removed the desks, we pulled the entertainment center in and converted it to a changing table and storage space for Felix's loot. We bought a mini crib (who knew standard sized cribs were so huge?!) and a rug. In order to really close it off from the rest of the room, we hung curtains around the space. My mom spent the better part of a weekend helping me sew these double sided curtains...THANKS MOM! It's a little difficult to get pictures of the space because it's so small that you can't get a good angle, but here are a few shots of the finished nursery/circus tent. So far, it has worked out great.

The only problem that we've had so far is that Felix refuses to actually sleep in his crib. He just kinda looks around. Oh well, we'll work on that one.

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