Thursday, September 5, 2013

Grandma and Aunt Sarah Visit!

In late July, Chris's mom and younger sister Sarah came to visit and meet Felix. They came at the perfect time because Felix was just starting to become more alert and even show some smiles. We rented an apartment for them through Air BnB which worked out really well.

Felix meeting Grandma and Aunt Sarah

During their visit, Felix attended his first concert! We set up a picnic for the Barenaked Ladies/Guster/Ben Folds Five concert in Prospect Park.

Felix enjoyed singing Disney tunes with Aunt Sarah! And we were SO grateful that she was eager to cut his nails (cutting a newborn's nails is a terrifying task)!

Susan and Sarah were able to enjoy the city while they were here too, including walking the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise and seeing Wicked. On their last night here, Chris and Felix had guy time while the girls went to The Newsies on Broadway. I loved every minute of it!

While babysitting for Chris and I (which was amazing) they were able to capture one of my favorite things about Felix as a newborn. All newborns have the startle reflex which causes them to throw their hands up in the air. I love how quickly Felix flings his arms in the air - and how slowly he brings them down again. Now that he's older and has more control, this is one of the things I miss about him being "little."

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