Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New to NYC

My husband and I recently made the big move from a small town in South Carolina to New York City.  While we are thrilled about all of the wonderful experiences that await us, we sometimes find ourselves completely overwhelmed.  My intention for this blog is to create a home for resources that Southerner's would find useful when moving to NYC and additional info to help them feel more at home in the big city.  While I am new to NYC, I am also new to bear with me!  One of the first things I would like to tackle is locating all of the sweet tea in town!

As I am also a young newlywed, I will be sharing some ways in which young people can enjoy NYC without spending too much money.  There are so many opportunities in NYC - even some free ones - and I am so looking forward to discovering what the city has to offer!

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