Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wake up call: College Football

There are many many differences when it comes to life in the City compared to where I came from, but there was one disappointing difference that I wasn't prepared for.  Nobody here cares about college football!  It's awful!  Coming from Clemson, where football is your life in the fall, this took some adjusting.  I mean, you go into a sports bar and all they have on is Jets games and Mets games, and pshh...

So to overcome those post-college-football-blues and to better prepare for next year's season in the City, here is a list of places that host alumni groups and whatnot for specific colleges.  It's so great to be able to watch the game with fellow alumni/fans.  However, since Ship of Fools is about an hour trek from our abode in Brooklyn, we were so happy to find some local spots to watch the game: Brooklyn Burger Bar on 7th Ave and The Lighthouse on 5th Ave.

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