Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sleepy Hollow

To celebrate the Fourth of July, we went to...Sleepy Hollow. I mean, that is a completely acceptable Independence Day vacation, right? Okay, so maybe it's better suited for Halloween, but one set of neighbors were out of town and had said that our other set of neighbors were welcome to use their car. So they decided to take a day trip out of the City and asked us to come along.

It was so nice to be able to spend the day out of the City, though very weird to be riding in a car! We spent a couple hours walking around the Sleepy Hollow cemetery, which really was quite beautiful. You can kind of tell from the picture that it was in a very natural setting and felt a little more like a park than a cemetery. There were no headless horseman sitings.

We then ate lunch in Tarrytown, which was adorable. I wish I had taken pictures of this cute little town, right on the Hudson river. We also got to see some fireworks from Nyack that night, right across the Hudson. Anway, it was a nice trip, and great to know that it is all just an hour's drive from the City.

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