Sunday, August 2, 2009

1 Year NYC Anniversary

Today marks our 1-year anniversary of living in NYC. It was this time last year that I got an ulcer from Chris driving a Uhaul across the Verrazano bridge. It was this time last year that I tipped the movers twice as much as they charged because I was so impressed that it took them 30 minutes to unload the Uhaul that had taken Chris, Justin, Daniel, and I 5 hours to pack. It was also this day a year ago that we had our first slice of Joe's pizza...ahhh, Joe's.

We had a fairly busy weekend. We finally made it to the movie theatre, the Pavillion, that is 3 streets up from our apartment, to see 500 Days of Summer (wonderful movie). We made our weekly run up to the Farmer's Market and got some eggplant, apples, and green tomatoes. Saturday evening we had a picnic in the park with our neighbors outside of the bandshell where there was a free concert. Then today we went to church, went to see a play up at Columbia that Grayson was in, and then went to Flipsters on 7th Ave for some amazing burgers. I say all in all, it was a pretty good 1-year NYC anniversary.

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