Sunday, January 9, 2011

DiFara's Pizza

Everybody has their own opinion on what the "best pizza in NYC" is. Many say it is Lombardi's, many give that title to Grimaldi's, and others swear by Ray's. There's also a constituent of Brooklyners that claim the best pizza in NYC is in Midwood at DiFara's Pizza.

Our neighbors had let us in on the secret of DiFara's last year but we had yet to make the trip. With the threat of cold weather creeping nearer, we decided it was time. Turns out, there's an MTA bus that pretty much goes straight from our neighborhood to DiFara's. We waited about 15 minutes to order, and then another hour to actually get the pizza, but I have to say it was worth the experience.

The pizza rivals Grimaldi's, my personal favorite, in taste. But what is so special about DiFara's is that every single pizza is made by one man. One precious old man named Domendico De Marco. He's been making pizzas at DiFara's every day for the past 40 years. Watching him make the pies, you can see the care he puts into each and every one. It's heart-warming really...and delicious.

Scott and Nicki on the bus

 Chris and I...and his mustache...on the bus

Makin' pizzas

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